The Impossebulls

In 1998, Hip Hop visionary and Public Enemy leader Chuck D took to the fledgling world wide web to establish a fan super-site that featured a forum where PE fans and like-minded individuals could share information with one another. This ever-expanding community, known as The EnemyBoard, would not only bring people together but it would also spawn creative endeavors that no one had previous thought possible.

Utilizing the burgeoning MP3 compression technology, EnemyBoard member C-Doc (The WarHammer) theorized that since it was possible to transmit entire songs across the Internet, it would therefore be possible to send parts of songs. He explained that a producer or DJ could send a beat to an MC who could then record a vocal and send back the a capella. These experiments came first with selections from an EnemyBoard compilation album and then culminated with the birth of what would become The Impossebulls with the song We Don’t Need You.

‘We Don’t Need You’ was produced by Bill Tha Pharmacizt from California and featured Chuck, Professor Griff, Kyle Jason, and Xeno from the group DFXO giving their own scathing attack on the outdated and crooked practices of the music industry. The song was remixed by C-Doc and became quite the internet sensation, signaling the beginning of a new era in recorded music techniques. The success of ‘We Don’t Need You’ inspired Chuck to form a rhyme collective of musicians from The EnemyBoard overseen by C-Doc. Dubbed The Impossebulls, this group of talent from around the world could cut and release records at a moment’s notice on a variety of topics. Their online home became Chuck’s newly revamped SLAMJAMZ record label and the crew recorded a self-titled album in 2001.

The core members of the group began performing live and refining the squad into a more manageable entity. Marcus J Gilligan (Xenia, Ohio), Tirade (Kent, Ohio), C-Doc (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), and DJ President Ike (New York, New York) have created a dynamic live show that not only showcases the group’s music but also pays homage to Hip Hop’s forefathers. Along with Pvt Militant (Flint, Michigan) and DJ Def Chad (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), The Impossebulls opened up four shows on the 2002 Public Enemy Revolverlution Tour to rave reviews and overwhelming crowd enthusiasm. They continue to perform in support of their new album SLAVE EDUCATION, as they continue fusing hardcore beats with socially conscious lyrics, addressing the problems and concerns of people around the world.

- Mark Dowding


The Impossebulls - Five By Five V: Lust
The Impossebulls - Five By Five IV: Gluttony
The Impossebulls - Five By Five III: Greed
The Impossebulls - Five By Five II: Sloth
The Impossebulls - Five By Five I: Wrath
The Impossebulls - The Devils You Know
The Impossebulls - Back To It b/w 5 x 5
The Impossebulls - Bad Cop
The Impossebulls - Everything is Different: Impossebulls Remixxed
The Impossebulls - Nothing
The Impossebulls - Everything
The Impossebulls - Erykah & Jean b/w Verbal Origami
The Impossebulls - Road Warriors b/w Think (About It)
The Impossebulls - Everything Has Changed; Nothing Is Different
The Impossebulls - The GetBack b/w And Then There Were Two
The Impossebulls - Slave Education XE
The Impossebulls - The More Things Stay The Same
The Impossebulls - Raw As F**k
The Impossebulls - From The Bottom (Soundtrack Edit)
The Impossebulls - 1Nation (One Fam) B/W RSVP
The Impossebulls - Enemy Among Us
The Impossebulls - Made by History (Decade One: 2000-2010)
The Impossebulls - AmeriKan Idle B/W Shadow of Thought

Featured / Appears On

C-Doc - SIX ONNA 7 (Stage 6)
C-Doc - Sleeping On The Side Of The Road XX XE
Cheese N Pot-C - Muldoonsday Device
Cheese N Pot-C - WGO
Cheese N Pot-C - We Wish Our Brother Joe Was Here
Timezone Lafontaine - The Road Goes On Forever / Heavier Than Ever
Timezone Lafontaine - Soul Night
C-Doc - Make You Free b/w 7am
C-Doc - DocSonic
Cheese N Pot-C - Old School My School
DJ Def Chad - The Remedy
Various Artists - Posse On Bloc, Volume One (blocSonic Posse Cuts, So Far)
Various Artists - The Xmas Split
Various Artists - netBloc Vol. 47: Grooves For The Sentient
Various Artists - netBloc Vol. 46: #returnofthenetbloc