DJ Def Chad

DJ and rapper DJ Def Chad was born and raised in Homewood, Pennsylvania in the area known as the Hilltop. His brother Kenny introduced him to the turntables and he started DJ’ing in 1980, learning all he could from local DJ’s like DJ King T and DJ Kool Kel.

In the mid 80’s he met Tuffy Tuf, a local Emcee. Tuffy formed a crew with Chad and DJ Nick Nice splitting DJ duties and Chad’s cousin Sodda Pop Kid as hype man and dancer. They opened shows for groups like De La Soul, Eric B & Rakim, Shabba Ranks, and Fu-Schnickens. After recording the EP Strictly 4 De Boomin System that was released through local Pittsburgh label Unity Records, the group disbanded.

Chad formed his own company, TeePee Records, and started to produce and DJ for other artists. He eventually decided to try his own hand at rhyming and started working on songs with a new group, PGB (Poets Gettin By). They recorded and independently released the album Ice Burgh in 2001.

Shortly thereafter he met C-Doc, another local producer who invited Chad to join the world’s first virtual Rapp squad, The Impossebulls, as a DJ and an Emcee. Chad would also join C-Doc for a number of guest appearances on the 2012 album Divided We Stand, which then inspired Chad to begin work on his long overdue debut solo album, The Black Holocaust.

A potent mix of graphic storytelling and social consciousness, The Black Holocaust is an album that is a long time coming. It is the culmination of Def Chad’s life experiences and observations over a sample-rich sound bed of soul and funk that he likes to call "Grown Folks Music." It’s his contribution to Hip-Hop and a gift to the people, an album from the heart and soul of an aging B-Boy that will never slow down.



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