01 - M.A.Z.C.A. - Seven Faces of Him

If ever there was a doubt that legitimate rock music would be released via a netlabel, M.A.Z.C.A proves otherwise. Immediately following the distorted intro fade-in of ‘Seven Faces of Him’, the drums and guitars tear in to let you know that this is REAL rock with a formidable modern sound. Instrumental hard-rock never sounded so good. It only makes you long for them to be on the charts and not “rock” groups like Nickelback. Just as you settle into the modern sound,the rhythm guitar riffs added to the latter half seem to pay homage to The Clash’s “London Calling” which adds a political context to the song.

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Song Credits

  • Written by: Marco Bernacchia
  • Produced by: Selvaelettrica/marinaiogaio
  • Guitar, vocals & computer: Marco Bernacchia
  • Bass guitar & electronic instruments: Michele Morganti
  • Drums: Daniela Maori
  • Hammond: Marco Scattolini (Special guest)
  • Fisa, saxophone & vocals: Roberto Mazzoli (Special guest)
  • Recorded at: Yelow Ship of Macerata, Italy