03 - Patchwork on the Blues - Good Ol' Shoe

Three tracks deep into this compilation, and guess what… NO electronic/techno yet… and here you thought that all you can find on netlabels is ambient/techno/chillout! (Not that there’s anything wrong with those genres.) Here we have genuine blues represented by Patchwork on the Blues based in Germany. An excellent traditional blues track performed with humor, energy and verve! Dig it.

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Song Credits

  • Written by: Traditional
  • Produced by: Veit Angermeier & Andreas Weilhartner
  • Vocals & guitar: Andreas Weilhartner
  • Guitar: Martin Mayr
  • Drums: Michael Eder
  • Bass: Reinhard Klauser
  • Piano: Max Shire
  • Recorded at: Mike’s Flat, Vienna, Austria