Various Artists - netBloc Volume 11 (The Raw and the Cooked) (BSCOMP0011, 2008)

It sure seems like it’s been a while since the volume 10, but here we are again. What I have here for you is a terrific collection of tracks that all have one thing in common. They all incorporate analog instrumentation in varying quantities, thus the name “The Raw and the Cooked”. Although it’s being released in February 2008, this is the proper December 2007 release. It took that long to pull everything together. It didn’t help that I was trying to wrap up work on vols 11-13 simultaneously so that they could be released in a short timeframe. There’s not a lot to say in this release, so I’ll let the music speak for itself. I’ll have much more to say in Vol. 12, so be sure to check that out when it’s released.

Mike Gregoire

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