David “C-Doc” Snyder is a producer, musician, rapper, and filmmaker. After years of making tapes of solo music for friends, he reached out to Chuck D of Public Enemy who began an internet collaboration with him and a number of other emcees. This group became the world’s first virtual rapp squad: The Impossebulls.

As the chief producer for The Impossebulls’ first two albums, C-Doc was also given the opportunity to remix songs for Public Enemy. This eventually led to Doc producing the epic song “Superman’s Black in the Building” for the New Whirl Odor album. Since then, C-Doc has produced and remixed numerous other songs for PE.

Collaborating with long time friend and fellow Impossebull Tirade on the 2006 LOWdown album groundZERO allowed Doc to fully indulge his love of early 90’s Hiphop. LOWdown followed up that album with an EP, dumpTRUCK, that was recently re-released in an extended edition through blocSonic.

Divided We Stand is C-Doc’s first “solo” album in ten years (a follow-up to the extremely rare album Sleeping on the Side of the Road).


C-Doc - SIX ONNA 7 (Stage 6)
C-Doc - Sleeping On The Side Of The Road XX XE
C-Doc - SIX ONNA 7 (Chapter 3)
C-Doc - SIX ONNA 7 (Plate 4: The Leftovers)
C-Doc - SIX ONNA 7 (Division 5: BLACKOUT!)
C-Doc - SIX ONNA 7 (Episode 2)
C-Doc - Make You Free b/w 7am
C-Doc - Do Androids Die For Electric Sins?
C-Doc - Quit
C-Doc - Vintage b/w Freak Of Nature (Remixx)
C-Doc - DocSonic
C-Doc - TheEnsuranceTrap b/w Underground Press
C-Doc - SIX ONNA 7 (Part 1)
C-Doc - Me Nots (TSPRemix)
C-Doc - United We Fall
C-Doc - Followin' Me (Remixx)
C-Doc - Broken Homes (Featuring DJ Def Chad)
C-Doc - Drumm Machine (RhythmBoxx) (Featuring DJ Def Chad)
C-Doc - Divided We Stand
C-Doc - Drumm Machine (Clean Machine) (Featuring DJ Def Chad)
C-Doc - Far Gone

Featured / Appears On

Cheese N Pot-C - Friendly Neighborhood Banners
Headsnack - Too Small To Cancel
Headsnack - Hip-Hop Poppycock
Various Artists - Posse On Bloc, Volume One (blocSonic Posse Cuts, So Far)
Cheese N Pot-C - Nerdicus Presents Cheese N Pot-C: Ultimate Posse Cut 3000
Cheese N Pot-C - Nerdicus Presents Cheese N Pot-C: The Adventure Begins - Gab to Kag - On The Move
Timezone Lafontaine - Beatseekers
Timezone Lafontaine - Recalibrate
P.U.C.K. - H.F.I.C. (Hockey Fight In Canada) B/W The Odd Man Rush
P.U.C.K. - MAPL Theory
Krazy Shitz - Back In The Day (Featuring Donnie Ozone and Stanley)
Krazy Shitz - Space Signals
CM aka Creative - Old Man Lugo EP
Cheese N Pot-C - Muldoonsday Device
Das Mister - American Carnage
Cheese N Pot-C - Down To The Wire EP
Threepeeoh & C-Doc - SIX ONNA 7
Timezone Lafontaine - Sunfaded
Timezone Lafontaine - East Meets Sunsheets
Cassette Tape Bandits - Gingerbread Men
Mported Flows - Sensitive Information XE
Cheese N Pot-C - WGO
LOWdown - PayDay Poets
Cheese N Pot-C - We Wish Our Brother Joe Was Here
LOWdown - duckyouSUCKER!
LOWdown - painTRAIN
Luck & Doc - Let’s Go Brooklyn (Maxi Single)
Luck & Doc - Live At The Wake
Luck & Doc - Take Time (Maxi Single)
LOWdown - watch your MOUTH
Timezone Lafontaine - The Road Goes On Forever / Heavier Than Ever
Timezone Lafontaine - Soul Night
The Impossebulls - Five By Five V: Lust
Various Artists - The Xmas Split
Deadly Combo - The Vault
The Impossebulls - Five By Five IV: Gluttony
Regenerated Headpiece - Souvenirs, Novelties & Party Tricks XE
The Impossebulls - Five By Five III: Greed
LOWdown - soBELOW (THE groundZERO SINGLES 2006-2016)
Maxwell Powers - Fridays, Volume 1
The Impossebulls - Five By Five II: Sloth
The Impossebulls - Five By Five I: Wrath
The Impossebulls - The Devils You Know
The Impossebulls - Back To It b/w 5 x 5
The Impossebulls - Bad Cop
C-Doc & Tha Silent Partner - SIX ONNA 7
Cheese N Pot-C - The Raps Well
Cheese N Pot-C - Funky Motion
Cassette Tape Bandits - The Shonen Sporks EP
Cassette Tape Bandits - Spot Rockers
Cassette Tape Bandits - Rapper Exchange Program
Cassette Tape Bandits - The 1 Upper
BreakBeat Chemists - BreakBeat Chemists I
Cheese N Pot-C - Blue Bins
Cheese N Pot-C - Old School My School
Nic Bommarito - Apace
Mr. & Mrs. Smith - Trophies
The Impossebulls - Everything is Different: Impossebulls Remixxed
The Impossebulls - Nothing
The Impossebulls - Everything
The Impossebulls - Erykah & Jean b/w Verbal Origami
Various Artists - netBloc Vol. 47: Grooves For The Sentient
The Impossebulls - Road Warriors b/w Think (About It)
The Impossebulls - Everything Has Changed; Nothing Is Different
The Impossebulls - The GetBack b/w And Then There Were Two
The Impossebulls - Slave Education XE
D3Zs - Bloc Party 2 (Featuring CM aka Creative, C-Doc, The Honorable Sleaze, L-Mega & Pot-C)
D3Zs - Zenpin Hangaku
The Impossebulls - The More Things Stay The Same
Cheese N Pot-C - Bloc Party (Featuring CM aka Creative, The Honorable Sleaze, C-Doc & Mported Flows)
Cheese N Pot-C - EXPLWORAZ
Jamod Allah - The Impossebulls Present Jamod Allah
Deadly Combo - The Unattainable RE:mixx Instrumentals
DJ Def Chad - Breathe Easy (Remixx)
DJ Def Chad - Up and Away
DJ Def Chad - The Black Holocaust
DJ Def Chad - The Remedy
Mr. Bitterness And The Guilty Pleasures - The Good Fight XE
Deadly Combo - The Unattainable RE:mixxes
The Impossebulls - Raw As F**k
HYMnEYE - LIVE... and Let Live
Mported Flows - Master Plan
Mported Flows - Three Pronged Fork
Mported Flows - Advice
Twenty-One: Twenty-Four - Spanglish XE
BADLUCK - Master Don
Stewart & Scarfe - I Was Awake
The Impossebulls - From The Bottom (Soundtrack Edit)
Garmisch - They Seem To Be Intelligent
The Impossebulls - 1Nation (One Fam) B/W RSVP
The Impossebulls - Enemy Among Us
The Impossebulls - Made by History (Decade One: 2000-2010)
The Impossebulls - AmeriKan Idle B/W Shadow of Thought
The Scallions - Agony Through Ceremony XE
Liam Stewart - Moody New Star
LOWdown - dumpTRUCK XE
BADLUCK - Case Closed
Garmisch - The EPs XE